The perfect domain name for your business

The perfect domain name for your business

Like every one else who wants to start an on-line business, selecting the perfect domain name could be a daunting task.

There are few tips that can help guide you.

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Your domain should not be to long

A lengthy domain name should be avoided as much as possible, this is because it is more difficult to remember, this can greatly reduce the amount of visits that reach your website.

Long domain names are also very prone to typo errors

Web Surfers can easily misspell your domain name when typing it in the browser, thereby giving them tough time to reach you, keep in mind that not every one has the time to look up your domain on search engines before reaching your site.... 

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Hackers and Fake emails

Web surfers nowadays are advised to type in the exact domain names of the site they want to visit, rather than clicking on links in emails.
This is due to a lot of security concerns, hackers can send emails containing links to fake website thereby stealing users information or even worse.

 0 - 8 Characters

Its great to have a domain which is not more than 8 characters, this helps make your domain name catchy, easy to remember and reduces typos.


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Starting an Online Store yourself or hire a developer?

DIY web apps

I know many of us have been thinking on how best to start an on-line store, should I do it myself or hire a website developer to get it done?

Here, we have highlighted a few things you will need, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a developer.

Thinking of doing it yourself? This route is perfectly suited for you, if you don’t want to spend much on setting up your on-line store.

In other to get the job done easily, you can make use of Do It Yourself web apps (DIY); they come with readymade responsive templates, host, domain name, SSL(Secure Socket Layer) etc. depending on the package. A good DIY I can recommend for your ecommerce store is Weebly.

This is an easy to use online store you can start without hurting your pocket, it’s cheap, affordable, and ready made, with mobile-friendly themes and a drag-and-drop editor to design your Store, Blog and you can even start with a free plan to check it out. It has various plans you can choose from.
With Weebly you don’t have to worry about updating your website software, Weebly does everything. It also makes it easy for you to easily setup your Shipping and delivery; Payment Gateways and Tax rules.

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Hire a web developer

If you choose to hire a web developer that simply means that you are looking at creating custom functions on your website that cannot be gotten using DYIs. Although this is more expensive, it gives you more control on how you want to display your content to your site users. After you might have gotten a good developer to do the job, all that remains is a good and affordable host.

Generally when selecting your host, you should consider your expected traffic and your server capability. If your marketing method is set to deliver between 5,000 – 15,000 monthly, you can simply make use of shared hosting servers which are less costly and you can upgrade as you grow.

You should also consider getting SSL certificate installed on your host. This is because users of your website will check for the secure padlock sign(Your HTTPS Status/security status) when browsing your website, before inserting their personal details like credit cards or Password.

Modern browsers now check the security status of the host and then alert the users, when filling sensitive information on-line. If the site is secure there will be no warning sign but if not, a warning sign will pop up alerting the users not to give vital information on your site because it’s not secure. This can greatly hurt your sales since you want users to supply there credit card information when paying for goods on your website. To avoid this, your site needs SSL.

I recommend this Hosting Advance Combo with Unlimited Hosting and SSL for your online Store, (See image below) this is simply because it has an all in one plan for startups, who wants to set-up an online store.

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