What are the benefits of a website?

More customers can reach you via the internet any time, since your website is always open even when your office is closed for the day, it will also help broaden your market base.  

Can I access my website anywhere?

Yes you can access your site via any computer system or mobile devices that is connected to the internet 

Can I sell products & services on my site?

Yes, you can sell products and services via your website, with our automated ecommerce systems, you can make money while you sleep, check our ecommerce section. 

How long does it take to build a website?

It depends on the specification of the site, urgency, complexity, generally, the average minimum number of days should be 10 working days. 

Difference between a website & portal

The term portal is used to describe a website that acts as an entry point or gateway to an array of services or resources.

How many personalized emails can I have?

As many a email accounts you think necessary with a maximum of 500. 

What is an interactive website?

This is a dynamicallly driven website, that users can interact with(chat, forum), basically driven by a database.


What does it cost to have a website? Please visit our quotes page.


What's Content System Management Tool?

 These are web applications that helps in the process of developing dynamic sites and applications, it hastens the process of developing a highly functional website and also eases maintenance.

What is a web forum?

A forum is a web application, which is designed for the main purpose of discussion. Forums vary based on their  theme or topics. on some websites, registration is required before a new user can make use of the forum(read or make posts.)  

How do I register my domain name?

Once you sign up for our web design packages we will help you in registering your domain name.

 Can my site have a database ?

Yes! Most dynamic websites makes use of database to store information (could be contact information).